There’s no definitive “yes” or “no” on whether you should hand over tax forms

There’s no definitive “yes” or “no” on whether you should hand over tax forms

But let’s say they decided to pay me using a credit card, or using PayPal and paying me as a business

Great question there. It depends on the nature of how the company is planning to pay you. As a result, I needed to give them tax forms payday loans Idaho so that they can issue a 1099-NEC. That’s per IRS requirements. A 1099-NEC wouldn’t be necessary, so I wouldn’t need to fill out any tax forms for them.

That said, I’ve had times where I’ve been sent tax forms that were clearly a scam for jobs that would never require them. For example, a potential client once tried to get me to fill out tax forms for a job through Upwork. That was clearly a scam, and the tax forms weren’t even official (they were copy/pasted into a Word doc!).

1. Can you verify the legitimacy of the editing company? 2. Can you verify that the person you’re talking to is actually an official representative of that company? 3. Are they the ones paying you for contracted work, and if so, does that payment method and amount require tax forms?

As for the degree scan, that could just be that they want to verify your educational attainment, though asking for a scan of your degree is a bit of poor proof as those can easily be faked. I’d try to investigate a bit more and verify the authenticity of the company and your contact before handing over any information.

I applied for a post on freelancer and was asked to send an email to an email address, if I was interested. This is the reply I received:

Thanks for the prompt response. Our MOTTO usually encourages our freelancers to “NEVER COMPROMISE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY”. The rates depend on the quality of your work. Serious freelancers earn up to $280 a Day. Below are some of the jobs available on our platform;

1. Data Entry – $25 – $30 per hour 2. Typing – $20 – $35 per hour 3. Form Filling – $30 per hour 4. Copy and Paste – $18 – $30 per hour 5. Photo Posting – $20 – $25 per hour 6. Video Posting – $20 – $30 Per hour 7. Virtual Assistant – $30 – $40 per hour 8. Article/Content Writing – $ Words 9. Article Rewriting – $ Words 10. Web Design – $35 – $60 per hour 11. Graphic Design 12. Logo and Banner Design 13. HTML 14. PHP 15. CSS 16. MySQL

However, before you can access the jobs and start working on the above projects and many more, you will first have to purchase your Workstation that will have a Username and Password to enable you login to your workstation and access the jobs.

For example, I do freelance work for Lending Tree, and they pay be via direct bank transfer, and I earn more than $600 in a year from them

Seems to be some kind of scam, if they are asking for money upfront to purchase a ‘workstation’, whatever that is.

Freelance is a site based in France. Do you any knowledge about this? Most of the hits I get on Google simply go to freelancer, which is a legit site (I used to work via the site when it was rentacoder).

No serious client is going to make you pay to work with them. I’m a bit confused, though, whether this client is trying to operate as a client, or their own freelance marketplace (which can and do charge money to find work through the marketplace, which is legitimate). I have no idea what their “workstation” is. Personally, I’d avoid them. I can’t say that they are definitively a scam since they’re asking for such a small amount and most scammers try to target larger amounts, but this seems a bit odd.

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